Mikey Carr is a theatrical and broadcast promotions editor and post production supervisor located in Los Angeles. He has been fortunate to edit on various theatrical and broadcast campaigns such as GOTTI, Acts of Violence, Trolls, Rememory, First Kill, Daredevil and FOX NFL Kickoff.


Having come from a finishing background, Mikey has also supervised finishing on a number of projects including the Rememory online trailer, The Sign trailer, Thrill Ride, Price For Freedom, The Red Thunder and FOX NFL Kickoff.


Mikey got his start in professional editing in 2005, when he moved to Los Angeles and landed a job at Modern Videofilm as a finishing editor. He worked on Smallville, The OC, Battlestar Galactica, How I Met Your Mother, and many other shows, before leaving to explore a career in offline editing.


Mikey lives in Santa Clarita with his wife Crystal, daughter Mila, and their two dogs Indy and Scout.






(818) 809-6353